ipv6 ready

Στατιστικά IPv6

Wikipedia – Comparison of IPv6 support by major transit providers

Geoff Huston – IPv6 Deployment Statistics

Geoff Huston – IPv6/IPv4 Comparative Statistics

Google – IPv6 Statistics

Olivier Crepin-Leblond – IPv6 Matrix

Cisco – IPv6 Lab

World IPv6 Launch Measurements

Σχετικά με την Ελλάδα

Eric Vyncke – IPv6 Deployment Status (Greece)

Eric Vyncke – IPv6 Penetration in Greece as measured by Google

RIPE – IPv6 Enabled Networks (Greece vs Europe vs World)

RIPE – LIRs with 4-star IPv6 RIPEness in Greece

RIPE – LIRs with 5-star IPv6 RIPEness in Greece

Patrick Maigron – IPv6 Statistics by LIR for RIPE Allocations (Greece)

SixXS – IPv6 DFP Visibility (Greece)

Cisco – IPv6 Lab (Greece)

Σχετικά με την Forthnet

APNIC – IPv6 Measurement for Forthnet

Σχετικά με το ipv6.forthnet.gr

IPv4 vs IPv6

IPv6 native vs IPv6 other


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